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With UnidentalDirect.com's Shopping Cart, shopping has never been easier!

  1. Placing an Item in Your Cart
  2. Changing Item Quantities
  3. Apply a coupon discount
  4. Deleting Items from Your Cart
  5. Saving Your Cart
  6. Checkout
  7. Reordering, An easy and fast way to order


Placing an Item in Your Cart

Once you have found an item that interests you, simply click the "Add to Cart" button. This button can be found on any item's detail page, below of the price information. The default quantity is 1, if you want to change this quantity, click on the product, and then you can change the quanrtity to buy.  When you have finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the Shopping Cart icon (in the top right corner of every page of our site) or click on "My Cart" (in the right column). This is the beginning of the ordering process.

There is an Express Checkout.  just Click the checkout button (In the right side of the page)

Changing Item Quantities

If you wish to buy multiple quantities of an item you have placed in your Shopping Cart, change the number in the "Qty" box. Be sure to click the "Update Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of your list of Shopping Cart items to confirm any changes.

Apply a Coupon Discount

Coupon Discounts are for regular customers who ask for a discount, based on quantities bought or if you want a discount, send us an email asking for it, depending on quantities you want to buy, we will send you a number of a coupon discount to apply.  Coupon discount is only available from the shopping cart.

Deleting Items from Your Cart

If you wish to delete an item in your Shopping Cart, just set qty to 0 and click Update Shopping Cart button.

Saving Your Cart

If at any time of the process you have to leave the website, if you have logeed in, your data will remain, as well as the items in your shopping cart.

To Checkout Express

Click the checkout button (In the right side of the page) for Express checkout

You will be prompted to set up an account with UnidentalDirect.com using a combination of your email address and a secret password or Log In, if your are already a registered customer. Once your billing and shipping addresses have been set up, you will be prompted to select your shipping method, and then enter your payment options. Than you see the Grand Total you are charged for.  The final step is to click Place Order.  Then you will have your Order number, clicking the order number, you are prompted to see it and you can print out on your local printer, clicking on Print Order (In the right corner of the page).  At the bottom of this page you can Click Back to my orders, and see all your history with us.


Within your account you can reorder any of the orders placed sometime and change quantities.  it is an easy and fast way to order the same items you need regurarly, without having to browse the site again.  You just go to your account, you will see your recent orders, click on any order "View order".  You will see your  order, Click "Reorder", and it will open the shopping cart, where you can change quantities on every item, and follow the steps for placing a new order.